A transport company where your safety comes first​

We are a unique transport business providing specialist and humanistic transport services for children, young people and other people experiencing exclusions due to being in care or needs special looking after.​

Accessibility Vehicles

Our fleet consists of specialty vehicles equipped with ramps and other accommodations to meet the needs of the people we work with and our drivers are trained and able to provide calm and collected solutions to manage any challenges or complexes that may arise with the passenger.

Speed & Safety

Our drivers have all been driving for many years and we are specialists in working with and caring passionately about the persons we work with who may need special attention or assistance due to them being often disassociated, disaffected and disengaged from society as a result of various difficulties.

Care for clients

Our clients are like family and we will ensure you have a hassle free and safe journey, drivers are trained and certified to transport and safely handle any situation


We have worked with big clients such as the Portsmouth City Council and completed all journeys with happy and satisfied customers who have all given positive feedback.

Experienced team

Care and safety for our clients

We have not only worked with all the top transport companies but also a number of different care homes and healthcare services to transport people of all ages , such as taking kids who need special attention to schools and taking the elderly to appointments. Our trained drivers have the skills needed to also calm down and relax anyone who may have a mental disability in a non-restraining and nonphysical way, due to the training and high skill of our transport supervisors we have never had to use caged /restraining methods to handle challenging, violent or complex behaviours.

All our drivers have completed courses and have been certified to handle any and all unforeseen difficulties and obstacles that may arise with a person who has a disability or a special need, our vehicles have also been certified by the Blue Lamp Trust to ensure the safe loading, securing and unloading of special accessibility aids such as wheelchairs to and from our accessibility vehicles.

Secured fleet

Transport services

  • We treat passengers with dignity and respect to and from their destination
  • Comfortable vehicles up to the highest specifications
  • Transport supervisors /drivers are highly skilled in dealing with complex behaviours and special needs

What our clients think

I would like to say a huge thank you to the team for all the excellent service you have provided for my son, especially the changes since his operations and his hospital appointments. My son’s driver has been outstanding!


Thank you for all you’re your kindness and patience and for making my son feeling comfortable and at ease. You guys really make a huge difference in the way my son starts his day at school. We would love to continue to have you for our transport in September.


Nothing is too much trouble for this company, the drivers are friendly and go the extra mile. Great communication, would recommend them to anyone as their services are tailored to your needs.

Leslie T.

Good reliable service, on time and friendly.

Peter Stevens