We are a Portsmouth based, family run business.

Entrust Rides company

Our family is originally from Romania, however in 2015 we made the decision to move 3000 miles to build a home and life in the UK.

Our reasons? Our daughter Irina was born profoundly deaf, and as any parent would we wanted the very best for her and wanted to give her the absolute best chance in life. We wished for her to be brought up in a world where she can be given all the opportunities to reach her full potential and for her to be seen for who she really is.


We were lucky enough to be introduced to an amazing company: The Elizabeth Foundation, which is the place we first called home when arriving here, the team there made us feel so welcome, and gave me the chance to finally offer my daughter the support she needed to develop language and listening skills, something which to some is taken so easily for granted. They gave me the emotional support I didn’t know I needed after leaving all my world behind in Romania. Because of this wonderful team and opportunity we were afforded, Irina is now attending a mainstream school and doing beautifully, we couldn’t be prouder.

It was because of this experience that I began to see the real role of a community and the influence and impact it can have on people’s lives; it was here that I decided we needed to give back.


Positive outlook on life

We ourselves were offered free transportation (funded by Portsmouth City Council), as a SEND child, Irina could utilise the transportation to be able to attend a school with a deaf unit. I believed we ourselves could offer this service ensuring the level of care and service being offered was that of a level we would wish to receive for our own daughter. We wanted to provide our community with a transportation service they can trust, who personally understand difficulties which can be faced daily and offer a service which can help one part of someone’s day be easier and above all brighter. We are not just a taxi firm, our drivers play an extremely vital role each morning, as their interactions with SEND children will impact on how a child starts their day.

We have personally ensured that all our drivers are trained on: Autism Special Needs, Dealing with Vulnerable Adults, First Aid Trained and Safeguarding. We have also received great support from Portsmouth City Council, offering us access to all their specialised training courses.

It is our hope to have a positive impact on our community and offer a service we are proud of. Entrust us in your world and we will care for you like one of our own.